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Himalayan Cyclopedia is my endeavour to make 'well researched correct data' easily available to the people seeking information about the mighty and the vast Himalayas. I am of the belief that knowledge is the best friend of a human being and is in fact a life support system for excelling in everything we do. My endeavour with the Himalayan Cyclopedia is to share knowledge about the Himalayas, its geographical elements, mythology and anthropology. It's my continuous effort to digitize everything I know about the Himalayas or the facts that I collect by reading books, researching or travelling in the Himalayas.

The Himalayan Cyclopedia is a flexible database-driven web application and it is possible to extend it to any other relevant information which is currently not under this umbrella. For all the data displayed on this website, it took me a lot of effort to firstly source the information and then digitize that information to make it usable for everyone who loves the Himalayas or needs it for their upcoming travel in the Himalayas. I am constantly developing the system and the future will see Himalayan Cyclopedia grow as big as the Himalayas itself. I understand it will take me a massive effort to do it and that the teachings of the Himalayas will help me achieve our goal. If you have any idea to improve it or want to collaborate with me to contribute to this platform, I am just an email away! Currently, I developed the website, maintain its servers and have been contributing data to it since 2015.

Count Of Already Digitized Various Elements Of The Himalayas

The below data represents the count of data already documented categorized into different heads. I believe there will never be an end to this project given the infinite vastness of our Himalayas and myriads of its different elements and their individual details. Its a never-ending gorge going deeper and deeper.

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It takes a huge effort and cost as well to get this website full with useful information and have it running on the internet. A kind help goes a long way to help me keep adding useful content and motivate me to grow this website. Not just that, it helps me and my small team make a living and support our lives as well which I have dedicated to the Himalayan Community.

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Himopedia is an extensible website with multilingual support. I am sure it will help many people for whom English is not the easy or default language. I am extending it to another language as much as possible for me. If you want to help translate this website to your language, it will be a much welcome step. Please contact me for the same.

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